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Wie kann ich die Atmung verbessern ? Wie wichtig ist die Atmung für das Trompetespielen ?
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Hallo zusammen,

Weiter unten findet Ihr einen Link zu meinem Online-Fragebogen für Spieler aller Blasinstrumente!!! (jedoch nur auf Englisch) - es geht um die Produktion von Luftgeräuschen während Andere spielen.


Dear fellow wind players,

Below you will find a link to my online questionnaire on The Sound of Airflow and its Use in Wind Instrument Playing. This questionnaire is an exploratory study for my PhD project at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and with it, I hope to find out how widespread the conscious use of the sound produced by airflow is among players of all kinds of wind instruments (audibly blowing out or inhaling while someone else is playing).

The questionnaire comprises a total of 17 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete; if you have not experienced the use of the sound of airflow you will probably finish much faster but I’d be very grateful if you still did this so I can get a realistic picture of the application of the concept. It is also possible to stop answering the questionnaire and return to it later by clicking the "Save and continue later" button.

Link to the questionnaire: ... 74ae312378
(You can find the website's terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy at

I would be really grateful if you took the time to complete this survey. If you should have more to say on any of the questions raised (or others I didn't come up with!) please do contact me at or (or via FB). Please share this post with other wind players you know so I can get an amazing number of responses!!!


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